LANTRA leadership & Management Qualifications

Grow and Improve Profitability for Your Agriculture and Land-based Business

Grow Your Business, Improve Business Efficiency & Profitability

LANTRA Business Qualifications with 70% Funding – Driving Growth in Agriculture & Land-Based Businesses

LANTRA have launched their business qualifications in the agriculture and the land-based sector. However don’t be put off by the title as these have been designed to help individuals and organisations access accredited qualifications with a view to growing your business together with  enhancing business performance and efficiency. The good news is the qualifications attract 70% funding so you only have to pay 30% of the cost (subject to eligibility). To be eligible:-

  • Individuals must be employed or self-employed within the sector
  • The business must be located in Wales
  • The business or individual must not be in receipt of any other public funding for the same activity (training)

Call of the Wild Ltd, in partnership with ‘Simply The Best’ Training Consultancy, have been selected as as approved training providers to deliver the qualifications. We are acknowledged experts in our field allowing you to reap the benefits of our knowledge!

Who Are Call of the Wild and Simply the Best

MLANTRA & Simply The Bestulti-award winning Call of the Wild is an independently-owned, limited company based in Wales that offers  leadership and management  and business development programmes to individuals and organisations across the UK.  Since starting up in 1998 we have worked with a wide range of clients, from a diverse range of industries, to develop their staff and the teams they lead. Emphasis is placed on developing skills and behaviours that will have a direct impact on individuals and organisations when back in the workplace.

Julie Thomas Simply the BestSimply the Best Training (STBT), headed up by Julie Thomas, have over 30 years experience of designing and delivering training and consultancy to the agriculture and land-based sectors in Wales.  They are a licensed provider for Lantra Awards. STBT  have worked alongside Farming Connect delivering on the Skills  and Agrisgop Programmes.With this background knowledge and experience they are fully conversant with the needs and requirements of the agriculture and land-based sector in Wales. Although based in South Wales STBT deliver agricultural business training throughout Wales as part of the Young Entrant Support Scheme (YESS).

And guess what? Both organisations are  farm owners in Wales so we’ve earned our wellies!

Call of the Wild is one of the first organisations in Wales to achieve the quality award and become an endorsed training provider with Leadership and Management Wales (LMW), the centre of Excellence for Leadership and Management Skills in Wales

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You Just Want To Get On With Your Job So Why Should You Attend?

There are four main reasons:-

  • Agriculture - tractorThis Nationally recognised accredited qualification is 70% funded
  • This is an opportunity to grow your business, improve business efficiency & improve profitability
  • Minimum time away from work – Level 4 Award only requires 4 days over 2 months
  • Call of the Wild Ltd, in partnership with Simply the Best, have been approved by LANTRA to deliver this course based on our quality and experience
  • You’ll see immediate tangible benefits whether you’re a micro-business with 2 or 3 staff, a large business or a member-led organisation
  • These qualifications are designed in the context of the agriculture and land-based sector needs in Wales

What Are These Business Improvement Qualifications – What Will You learn?

Tractor driverThese are a number of qualifications designed specifically to meet the needs of agriculture and land-based businesses.  The objective is to improve the performance of your business/organisation and ultimately it’s profitability. They will:-

  • Provide learners with relevant skills and practical tools and techniques which they can transfer back to the workplace to improve the business
  • Offer learners the opportunity to achieve a recognised national qualification
  • Address your sector issues and problems. Given our understanding of your business with over 30 years experience of the rural economy we can get to the heart of the matter such as problems with herdsmen, not enough time in the day, where to start with a diversification idea,  membership retention and  recruitment issues and so on.

The qualifications are as follows. Click the links for more information:-

1. Level 4 Award in Introduction to First Line Management in land-based settings

2. Level 4 Award in Leadership & Management in Member-Led Organisations

3. Level 4 Award in  the Principles of Corporate Governance in the Land-Based Sector

4. Level 5 Award in Customer Relationship Management in a Land-Based Business

5. Level 5 Award in Financial Awareness for Managers in a Land-Based Business

6. Level 5 Award in Marketing Principles for Land-Based Businesses

 Current Dates

QualificationDatesVenueCodePlaces Left
Level 5 Award in Principles of Corporate Governance23rd September 2014North WalesLQ414392PCGLapsed
Level 5 Award in Financial Awareness for Managers20th November 2014BalaLQ5144722FAMLapsed
"20th January 2015Builth WellsLQ5150423FAMLapsed
"11th February 2015CarmarthenLQ5150725FAMYes
Level 5 Award in Marketing Principles14th January 2015Builth WellsLQ5150226MPLapsed
"5th February 2015Builth WellsLQ5150628MPYes

What Are the Benefits

LANTRA - Wordle325LANTRA believe that businesses which invest in leadership and management training for staff report that they become more competitive because:-

  • Resources and projects are managed more effectively and efficiently
  • Innovative ideas are uncovered
  • Staff are more confident in managing relationships with customers, suppliers, contractors and colleagues
  • Staff retention and absence levels improve

All of this translates into growth, efficiency and improved profitability for your business

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Who are Our Qualifications Suitable For?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are suitable for anyone looking to grow their business or improve business performance and efficiencies.  For instance if you’re a farm owner/manager, head herdsman, estate manager, farm shop owner, equine yard owner/manager, membership officer, production manager, machinery engineer, florist, forester, groundsman, green keepers, florists and so on these qualifications will benefit you.

You may be:

  • Looking to improve performance of a member-led organisation
  • Seeking ideas and good practice to enable you to grow your business
  • Leading a team for the first time or having issues with staff such as herdsmen
  • Looking at succession planning where you’re taking on greater responsibility
  • Considering farm diversification to widen  your income base
  • Able to manage a farm but can you manage a diversified rural enterprise
  • Dealing with change, challenges or uncertainty

So if you’re in the agriculture, animal care, animal technology, aquaculture, environmental conservation, equine, farriery, fencing, fisheries management, floristry, game and wildlife management, land-based engineering, horticulture, landscaping & sports turf, trees & timber these course will be of benefit.

Our Delivery Style – Learning By Doing With Less Chalk & Talk

We have a practical down to earth approach which differs from a more traditional  college classroom  type course. As farm owners ourselves we aim  to make our courses as relevant, engaging, enjoyable and rewarding as possible. You don’t need an academic background to do the qualifications as we offer a blended approach to delivery to suit everyone’s learning needs.  This includes:-

  • A classroom element
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Learning by doing not just listening
  • vod11Learning from each other for best practice within the sector in Wales

Our qualifications are designed so as to have relevance to the workplace with key learning taken back  to make a real difference to personal performance and business efficiency.

The “involve me and I will understand‘ principle is the one we follow. All our courses are designed to offer hands-on experience by doing and not just listening – less chalk and talk as with more traditional courses. We believe that this action based approach, through experiential learning is the most productive in terms of retention of learning and the beneficial transfer of that learning to your workplace.

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Case Study

Here’s an example of a farm diversification project and what training and development can do for your business

Comments From Those Who’ve Attended Our Past Courses

“The facilitator has very good techniques and is a brilliant tutor” “Very interesting with different and stimulating ways of learning” “The information is delivered very subtly to suit all our needs and making us do the work enables a deeper understanding. He is a good facilitator. Very good, great ideas and good approach to learning”

deerReasons Why They Chose to Attend

“It sounded interesting and worthwhile, I needed to gain more professionalism in my leadership, I wanted to improve my management skills.” “Felt that the degree I have just completed did not cover leadership and management in as much detail as I need to carry out my role effectively.” “Great for CPD and funded.”