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Leadership Skills Training Courses -Learning Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is vital to the success of any business. Good leaders have a direct influence on employee satisfaction and a company’s bottom line. Leadership skills courses  have very positive benefits in today’s dynamic and unpredictable workplace . We recognise that learning and experience are very personal. So rather than impose prescriptive courses we design bespoke leadership training courses with measurable outcomes based on client need.

ICAEW Leadership Essentials

ICAEW Leadership Essentials

Experiential Leadership Skills Training – Our Approach

Our approach to leadership development training is based on the ‘learning by doing’ method – experiential learning. We provide an opportunity for managers to develop leadership skills in an environment where they can safely explore their own methods and styles which will help improve their performance when back in the workplace.

Each of our leadership development courses are matched to the specific outcomes required by our clients. When combined with feedback and facilitation, this creates a powerful method of transferring learning and development back to the workplace.

Panasonic - Future Leaders Programme

Panasonic – Future Leaders Programme

Why Come To Us?

Our leadership skills courses & training can help businesses with a number of issues. Companies  that we work with have overcome the following issues:

  •  Leaders in an organisation who to move up to the next level of performance
  • Individuals lacking the necessary skills to lead a team
  • Management who need to improve poor listening and communication skills
  • Leader’s whose soft skills lag behind their technical abilities
  • New managers lacking the right leadership skills

Our Clients


Over recent years we have delivered leadership development programmes  to businesses in a variety of sectors – from international sports teams, pharmaceuticals and public sector organisations to some of the biggest names in hospitality, financial services, PR and media.

Leadership Skills Courses Example Programmes

Our leadership skills training can include the following programmes:-

Are you looking to improve leadership skills in the workplace? For more information about leadership skills courses  call us on 01639 700388 or e-mail us on info@callofthewild.co.uk