5 Strategies To Boost Staff Motivation As Winter Closes In 2019

Stress managementAuthor: Dave Thomas

How can you keep employee motivation high despite shortening evenings and tumbling temperatures? Some good hints and pointers in this article from “Annual Leave”.

1. Establish Purpose

Employees need to know their work has a purpose, whether the sun is shining or not. So a key strategy to maintain employee motivation is to ensure they understand their role and how significant it is. So you need to:

  • establish exactly what is expected of the employee;
  • help them visualise success in their role;
  • highlight their contribution’s significance.

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2. Celebrate Success – Even Small Ones

Everyone likes to know they have done well, and by making a point to celebrate individual successes – regardless how small or large they are – employees get the best kind of feedback possible.

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3. Make Feedback Meaningful

When it comes to maintaining employee motivation, positive feedback is very important but it’s equally important that praise is not seen as paying lip-service to the concept of encouragement.

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4. Empower Problem Solving

The idea behind employee empowerment is that staff members are encouraged to take the initiative in certain situations, especially problem solving. It’s about trust, showing employees that you know they have the skills and knowledge to come up with solution, and that you value their input.

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5. Deliver On Your Promises

Lastly, and arguably the most important, is that managers deliver on their promises. There is nothing so damaging to employee motivation than the realisation that management cannot be trusted. So, it’s imperative that the promises made are promises delivered.

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