5 Ways To Motivate Your Staff in 2017

Staff motivationEveryone knows motivation is important, but how do you ensure staff have it?

We previously wrote about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how good leaders recognise people are motivated by different things (you can read it here). Here are a few examples of the many ways you can give your employees the boost they need:

1. Instil an Open-Door Policy

An essential part of being an effective leader is great communication skills and your staff feeling able to speak to you honestly. It also means being available should they want to chat. That’s why we encourage those in senior management positions to implement an open-door policy, where staff can be honest and improve company transparency. Staff should also be encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions in meetings too. When staff feel their thoughts and ideas are being heard, they will likely feel more confident and more motivated as they have ownership of projects.

Ideas for staff motivation

2. Gamify Goals

Setting goals and objectives to work towards is great, however a lack of praise when these are achieved can leave staff thinking “why bother trying?”. An incentive that rewards staff for going above and beyond is a proven motivator as it boosts their self-esteem.
Why not add a competitive edge with a team challenge or a company-wide competition that sees the best performing team congratulated? A board in a public space of the business premises could show progress of each competitor and will likely encourage participation.

3. Hold a Company Day

Too many companies find the only time the whole team or department sit down together is at the Christmas party once a year. And, let’s face it, not much work gets done there. Holding a biannual company day, where management shares company updates, business development talk about clients and staff members are encouraged to present what they’re currently working on, is a great way of bringing the team together.
Staff motivation is at the heart of this and it will complement a number of Maslow’s needs:

  • Physiological – Put on a buffet spread as a special treat
  • Belonging – Team activities are sure to make staff feel part of a team and belong
  • Self-esteem – A round of applause and recognition for their hard work will make employees feel good about themselves
  • Self-realisation – Presenting is a big achievement for people who don’t regularly do so and is a great addition to their arsenal

4. Invest in their Personal Development

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the pinnacle point is self-esteem needs. This means people have a need for personal fulfilment, to grow and develop. Investing in your staff’s personal development by organising for them to go on courses or training days, will help them achieve this. Plus, it will benefit your organisation as staff are more knowledgeable and motivated.

team building to motivate your staff

5. Arrange a Team-Building Day

Here at Call of the Wild, we run staff motivation and team building activities on a regular basis. It’s our bread and butter. We believe that by understanding what factors motivate and demotivate different staff, as well as recognising early symptoms, you can ensure morale remains high.
Our courses teach delegates how to share the big picture, goals and direction, then show how this can be implemented through an example activity in the beautiful Welsh countryside. It’ll also improve your team’s communication skills, address any tension and raise their level of performance.
Find out more about team building with Call of the Wild here.

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