Managing Your Boss – The PA/ Executive Assistant Training Course

Designed for PA’s by a PA – Why Be Good When You Can be Brilliant!

Fully Funded Management Training

How many PA’s does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: Depends on a number of variable factors with this job role. It’s not a joke!

Have you got time to do this before preparing for the Board Meeting that starts soon? Have you got the budget? Who will you get to change it? Is there a preferable wattage your boss prefers? The list just goes on even for such a simple task as this.

Maintaining a healthy working relationship with your boss and the employees who report to them is an integral part of the role but  have you ever thought how this could be improved.

Why Attend This New Course – Managing Your Boss

We understand your  frustrations. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn new skills to help you successfully navigate through your working day, helping you become more effective in your role when trying to satisfy all those conflicting demands. What if we said we could help?

Why not become part of a 1  day Development Workshop designed to help build excellent skills and strategies to be an effective PA and Executive Assistant.

This programme has been written, developed and will be delivered by a past PA with over 14 years experience working for a CEO of a large company with over 200 employees. She understands how each day could be a constant juggling act.

This interactive and practical day allows delegates to apply their learning in a safe, out of office environment as well as networking and sharing good practice.

Management Apprenticeships

PA Training Course Content

Understanding the Role

  • What exactly is the role of a PA?
  • What are the necessary skills and attributes


  • Barriers to performing efficiently
  • Creating a dependency culture

Tools and Skills

  • Communication & Influencing  – Body language, listening, mirroring, posture
  • Assertiveness
  • Transactional analysis
  • Confidence building & self-esteem
  • Relationship & people management
  • Time management
  • Conflict management


  • You time/ boss time
  • Sharing skills and attributes

Human Resources Functions

What You Come Away With

Please remember this is not just another PA training course but has been designed by a PA!  We won’t be prescriptive by telling you what to do but sharing our expertise in active and vibrant ways for you to pick out what’s relevant to you in your specific job role. It may just take you to the next level of excellence and be that perfect PA. What’s the point of being good, when you could be brilliant!


Duration: 1 Day (09:30 – 16:30)


Swansea, Cardiff and London. Details on request

Values and Vision


Price: £695 plus VAT

Includes refreshments and lunch.


Details on request for this PA training course