An Old Name For a New Way of Being

Wales is in the headlines this week as our national park celebrates its 66th anniversary and unveils a new brand and an updated official name. The park has lived with a dual English and Welsh name for a number of years but is now taking the step to embrace the original name of the region and be known officially as Bannau Brycheiniog National Park, pronounced ban-aye bruch-ein-iog, with the ch making the same sound as in loch!

There’s obviously something in the Welsh air at the moment as this is closely timed with our own rebrand launch on our own 25th anniversary. Similarly to the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park rebrand, we felt it was time to better align our brand look with where we are now after 25 years in business. In fact, all elements of our new brand are inspired by our surroundings here in the National Park – from our colour palette taken from the local Red Kites to the contour lines in our logo that represent the mountains we’re surrounded by, as well as the expertise needed to navigate them.

We’re proud to be based in the beautiful Bannau Brycheiniog National Park, as it allows us to bring people to Wales to showcase all that it has to offer, and to combine our passion for our green classroom with our expertise in leadership, management and team development. The National Park’s rebrand isn’t just about a logo and a name, it’s about a commitment to the longevity of the park, its wildlife, environment and its people; in the words of Welsh author and poet, Owen Sheers ‘A way of doing things that feels like the beginning of something, not the end of everything….Bannau Brycheiniog is an old name for a new way to be, a name from our past to take us into our future’. We’re 25 years into our story with the National Park and look forward to many more to come.

Get in touch to find out more about hosting your team build, leadership programme, or corporate event in the glorious Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) National Park.