How to Apply Transformational Leadership Skills at Your Company

Applying Leadership Skills

Corporate EventsIt’s all very well being a leader however, in order to really make a difference, you need to not only lead staff members, but bring out the very best in them.

Transformational leadership is all about empowering your employees and inspiring them to achieve remarkable results. Here you can learn how to apply transformational leadership skills at your company.

Push Your Team Out of Their Comfort Zone

Within reason, of course.

While you want your team to excel, you don’t want to throw them completely in the deep end so that they wind up feel negative about a task. Encourage them to take on new experiences and treat every day as an opportunity to learn something new. This way you’re challenging them, but also supporting them too.

Transformational Leadership Skills

Provide a Level of Transparency

It’s only natural that you won’t be able to be open about everything, but it’s important to offer some sort of transparency to your employees. If your staff members are kept in the dark about everything, they’ll be less likely to share their thoughts and ideas.

Keep your team in the loop by informing them of any major changes within the company and make sure you clearly outline the main goals so they can work towards achieving them.

Meet Your Employees’ Needs 

It’s important to fulfil the needs of your employees. One of the most notable motivational theories is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which includes five different levels; self-actualisation, esteem, belongingness, safety and physiological.

To ensure that your employees perform well, these essential needs must be met. When they are, you’ll notice a difference in attitudes and performance; your team members will be far more loyal to you, as well as the company, if you’re looking after them.

Applying leadership skills

Listen to Any Concerns Your Team May Have

When a member of your team comes to you with a problem or concern, always take time to listen. You want to show your employees that you care, and dismissing their worries will portray quite the opposite.

Always listen to any issues they may have and offer your support and empathy; they’ll open up to you more if you show understanding.

Set a Good Example

As a transformational leader, you’ll act as a role model to your employees, therefore it’s vital that you lead by example.

Be sure to show commitment and dedication to achieving goals and create a work culture that cultivates teamwork; you’ll effortlessly inspire your employees to deliver success.

Now you know how to apply transformational leadership skills at your company, but are you confident that you have effective leadership skills to boot? If not, then take a look at our leadership courses today. Once you’ve acquired basic leadership skills, you’ll be able to successfully action transformational leadership.