performance appraisals

Performance Appraisal

Appraisals are the lifeblood supporting people development in any organisation. They are a chance for both manager and employees to have discussions about achievements, support needs and training. Getting them wrong can be demoralising and could have a detrimental effect on employee engagement and performance.

How Can We Help With Your Staff Appraisals

Whether you are redesigning or relaunching your appraisal process and content we can help.If you’re  looking for skills training for your  staff in managing an effective appraisal interview, we can help.
We have experience of designing an appraisal system, the required forms, online content, policies and procedures. We can align skills matrices and core values into the appraisal process.

We can deliver training in how to manage learning and development needs identified during an  appraisal and how to embed these into strategic and operational plans. We have worked with large public and private sector organisations as well as SMEs to strengthen their processes and give advice on how to engage with staff to ensure the appraisal system is meaningful.

Our Bite-Sized Performance Appraisal Course

We have designed a short course with bite-sized learning sessions, focussing on the skills managers need to carry out effective appraisals. These include topics such as ‘Having Difficult Conversations and ‘Developing your People’.

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