Higher Apprenticeship in Management – Level 4

Institute of Leadership and Management Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship in Management

Why Do An Apprenticeship

Higher Apprenticeships in Management are a way of improving the skills and knowledge of your employees. The Apprenticeship programme has been designed to provide flexible and portable qualifications. Management and leadership skills have a major impact on the development, productivity and performance of organisations across all sectors of the economy. In today’s fast-moving competitive environment, there is a need to continue to drive up the performance of the best, and address weaknesses in leadership and management that are at risk of holding back productivity and performance.

They will help develop skills in the following areas;

• Leadership skills, self-management, relationship building,
• Negotiation and influencing skills, communication and decision making skills
• Information technology skills
• Knowledge and project management skills
• Coaching and mentoring
• Change management skills
• Partnership working and the ability to implement innovative solutions to problems

What Does the Learner Get On Completion

  • ILM Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Management
  • ILM Level 4 Diploma in Principles of Leadership and Management
  • Essential Skills Wales Level 2 in Essential Communication, Essential Application of Numbers and Essential Digital Literacy
  • Apprenticeship Certificate in Level 4 Leadership and Management


Subject to meeting eligibility criteria the cost of the apprenticeship is funded by the Welsh Government.


18 months

Who Is This Qualification For?

The ILM Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship in Management is ideal for managers moving into a middle management position, who still retain responsibility for operational processes but are more removed from day-to-day line management duties. The qualification develops the knowledge and skills required to take on higher-level responsibilities such as planning and implementing change.

Delivery and Course Structure

The programme is delivered remotely and face-to-face with evidence gathered through work activities. An assessor will be allocated to the learners who will visit them each month for approximately a few hours each visit. Evidence will be assessed together with the setting of further work at these visits.

The learner is required to complete a number of mandatory units in addition to a choice of optional units. Click here for more information

Benefits For Individuals

• Enhance core management capabilities
• Develop your set of essential leadership skills
• Develop knowledge in specialist areas, such as finance and marketing
• Learn how to manage strategic change
• Develop skills in business processes that could improve your organisation’s effectiveness
• Prove you can make a measurable impact on your organization through work-place based projects and assessment
• Benchmark your managerial skills with a nationally recognised qualification

Benefits To The Employer/Business

• Build sustainable management practice that works for the long term
• Close skills gap – by using the broad selection of optional units tailored within the qualification to suit your organisation’s learning and development needs
• Promote a culture of organisational learning and development
• Motivation, engagement, long term commitment
• Work based learning causing minimal disruption to business demands
• Fully Funded Learning so employer pays nothing

For more information in English click here and in Welsh click here

The Apprenticeship Programmes, led by the Welsh Government, are supported by the European Social Fund please click here »

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