Are Boards Too ‘Complacent’ When It Comes To Ethnic Diversity?

An Article in the “Western Mail” newspaper on 5.2.20 reflects on the 2020 review of the so-called ‘One By 2021’ goal. We took a look at the results of the review and what they mean for organisations moving forward.

About The Article

The report suggests that Britain’s biggest companies will struggle to appoint a non-white director by 2021, which is the goal. EY and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have reported that 37% of blue chip firms still don’t have any ethnic minority representatives on their boards.

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Complacency Towards Ethnic Diversity In The Boardroom

Sir John Parker has asked that these ethnic diversity targets are given the “same level of boardroom focus” as increasing female representation. Although these efforts have caused an increase in the representation on ethnic diversity in the boardroom, many people are under the assumption that change will come naturally. Complacency seems to be the attitude among the majority of the businesses.

Are Boards too 'Complacent' When It Comes To Ethnic Diversity? Call Of The Wild

The Benefits Of Diverse Leadership

Sir John also touched on the fact that although progress has been made on the biggest companies, there is still much more action required to reap the undeniable benefits that diverse leadership provides. There are certainly actions that any organisation can take to bring about change and diversity.

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What Can Be Done About Diversity And Inclusion

Call Of The Wild offer “Diversity And Inclusion Training” which is one of the ways that organisations can take action. The course is centred around “the organisational cultural nuances of equality and diversity: How to create and change your culture to improve staff recruitment and retention, harness the skills and abilities of all staff to improve organisational performance”

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Other Ways We Can Help

Organisations have a lot to gain from such training, as Sir John Parker outlined, there are undeniable benefits to be had from diverse leadership. To find out more about the other ways Call Of The Wild can help organisations click here.