Are British People Missing Out On Nature?

Are Brits getting enough nature? One study suggests the answer is no, so what does that mean for the current nature crises?

We Aren’t Getting Outside Enough

The study shows that over 70% of children say they rarely or never watch clouds, butterflies and bees. The study also indicated that the majority of adults had rarely or never listened to birdsong or smelled wild flowers in the past year. Conversely, the study also revealed that those who connect with nature regularly are more likely to help tackle the crises facing wildlife.

Are Brits Getting Enough Nature

The Benefits Of The Great Outdoors

Published by the National Trust with the University of Derby, the study also suggested that noticing natural phenomenon every day – is linked to higher well being. More than half of adults who were surveyed by YouGov as part of the study confirmed that they had seen a decline in the natural world during their lives.

Leadership and Energy Loss

The Role Of Nature In Our Lives

But what does this mean for people? Well in a world where we are more “connected” than ever before, it seems that we are “disconnecting” from nature. There is no real substitute for fresh air and nothing clears the head better than a walk in nature. It is scary to think that young people who never experience nature as a young kid, may never understand the  power of the outdoors for life.

The Solution

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