Are You Struggling To Embrace Hybrid Working?

How to lead remote teamsThe world has changed for many of us. The new working day is now largely based on a more flexible and hybrid approach.

Of course, there are many benefits to returning to the office; collaborative working, face-to-face discussion and shared learning but the days of feeling the need to micromanage have certainly long gone even if Cabinet Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg doesn’t agree.

Hybrid Working in 2022

Working From Home

He has been called ‘condescending’ after leaving notes deemed to be passive-aggressive on civil servants’ desks in an attempt to stop them working from home. However hybrid working does appear to be here to stay and the good news is that providing flexible working options can improve employee satisfaction and retention. It’s time to embrace a new way, a better way.
You see, the last two years has changed everything. From businesses, to leaders, to employees. The businesses that want to thrive in 2022 and beyond will need to respond to the new dynamic and make work, work for everyone.

Throughout the pandemic, there has been an overall positive response to remote working with the majority of people stating that they are happy to work from home at least two days per week. In 2021, many companies began to re-open their physical office spaces when restrictions finally eased. For some employers, that meant heading back into the workplace full-time. However, others took a more cautious approach, implementing a hybrid work model to provide their employees with more flexibility. According to a report produced by the National Bureau of Economic Research, approximately, 70% of small businesses and large companies are expected to adopt a hybrid model this year.

New Training Needs

However, high levels of remote working do make staying connected increasingly difficult in addition to adding complexity to managing teams remotely. That’s why companies need to place special attention on enhancing employee connection and collaboration together with upskilling managers and leaders. It’s all about the workplace community with employee well-being needing to be at the forefront of driving performance. Help with stress management, meditation, and virtual activities can all boost employee retention and productivity.

The good news is that we’re here to support you to develop skills and behaviours that work. From bespoke leadership coaching to business management training courses and team building events, our team can help you to create positive behaviour change within the workplace.

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