Big News From Call of the Wild

You’ve probably already spotted that things are looking a little bit different in our world.

We’ve been on quite an adventure as we worked on our new look.

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It’s given us an opportunity to reflect on where we started and where we are now. It’s officially 25 years this year since Call of the Wild began its adventure and it’s given us a real moment to pause and reflect.

Call of the Wild was born out of a long-term friendship based on a shared passion for the outdoors and where we come from in Wales. We wanted to find a way to combine those two elements to help develop people and organisations. The Call of the Wild dream became a reality, and we developed learning programmes aimed specifically at creating a lasting difference. With the help of people who shared our passion, we have grown into an organisation that’s become known for delivering a range of unique and life-changing learning experiences that have a meaningful impact on our clients.

It’s been difficult at times, none more so than when the pandemic hit, but thanks to the passion and resilience of our team we’ve adapted to the challenges we’ve faced to get to where we are today. After 25 years the red kite in our logo has served us well, but we felt it was time to mature the brand to support who we are today as an organisation and as a team of specialists.

Taking inspiration from the Red Kite and by introducing the topography and the bird’s eye view, it remains part of our story. As a company operating in the outdoors and in the Brecon Beacons, we’re extremely familiar with maps and the level of expertise it takes to read and interpret them, and represents the expertise that we bring to every one of our client’s organisations.

We’re also introducing Big Learning, which represents the commitment we have to make a difference to our client’s organisations, by creating transformative experiences that help change people’s behaviours and perceptions.

2023 is going to be a year of celebrations, development and growth, with the new brand just the start of the adventure. Keep an eye out for more as the year progresses!

Inspirational environments
Transformational experiences
Lasting impact
This is Big Learning – This is the Call of the Wild Way.