Babcock International ILM Level 5 Programme - Call of the Wild

Babcock ILM Level 5 Programme

Key Data

Client: Babcock International
Focus: Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management Skills
Objectives: Enable delegates to recognise, practice and transfer leadership behaviours to the workplace and focus on outcomes and impact in the workplace
Delegate Number: 70+


Call of the Wild were invited to design and deliver a leadership development programme by the client. This programme was initially to be rolled out across the senior management team in one Division of the Company before roll out to others.

The Objectives

To provide the delegates with the opportunity to identify and practise positive leadership skills in a challenging environment and to begin to transfer those skills back into their places of work. We sought to measure the impact of the behavioural changes back in the workplace and the difference it made to the business.

The Programme

The programme design was intended to offer a unique combination of media including:

  • Experiential learning workshop
  • Online learning
  • Telephone coaching
  • Action learning

The design provides the opportunity for delegates to explore their own leadership capabilities in a real environment, to learn from world-class leaders and to practise leadership skills back in the workplace.

The delegates explore key leadership concepts and models, supported by the Call of the Wild facilitation team, they are encouraged to show initiative and learn from the actual process of leading. Delegates maintain a learning log to record their personal reflections and observations on leadership and to serve as an aid to the transfer of skills.

The certificate mandatory units are:-

  • Assessing your own leadership capability and performance
  • Improving own leadership potential through action learning


Feedback not from the delegates but from their line managers

“He has implemented good changes, team communication has greatly improved, he has evaluated how he communicates with his team and was best suits the team’s style to ensure information is clear and understood. Performance out put from his team has also increased month on month, Performance reviews have a different structure and linked with improvments in communication this is clearly having an impact”

“She was new into the Regional Manager position so it was good for her to attend the course during her probationary period.  I think she has been able to step back and take the time to review things and now she may have a different suggestion to solve an issue.  Previously it felt as though we were always so busy that decisions would be made quickly which then the best decisions are not always made.”

“Yes definitely, I think that she has learnt a lot about different ways of managing situations she seems more confident now and I think above all else this course has given her the opportunity to discuss with other colleagues best practices and look at different ways of managing people.  In some cases this has confirmed that she was doing things correctly but I think she has also learnt from others within the group.  It has also given her an opportunity to spend time with her peers that does not regularly happen.”