Coastal Housing
Managing safely

Coastal Housing

Key Data

Client: Coastal Housing
Focus: IOSH managing safely
Objectives: Improve their risk management system within the maintenance and repairs team
Delegate Number: 40
Venue: South Wales


A client who Call of the Wild have worked with extensively on a number of different business areas


The organisation took a proactive approach to further improve their risk management system within the maintenance and repairs team


Part of the solution was to deliver a bespoke IOSH Managing Safely course to all of the supervisors, which enabled them to fully understand their responsibilities for health and safety by applying Coastal Housing Group policy and procedures. Additionally, the organisation needed to ensure that all risk assessment actions were being completed by the maintenance and repairs team, which consist of a variety of construction trades (muti-skilled, plasterers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc.) Part of the solution was for the staff to receive bespoke training in actual working situations, namely, void properties. The content was related to significant hazards faced, and was primarily focused on ensuring that all staff apply the requirements of subsequent method statements rigorously.

Darren Rodrigues , Health and Safety Training Manager


“I know H&S is a subject many approach with trepidation and its only because I appreciate your approach that the message is conveyed in a much more positive way and makes people want to do the work, and this is all credit to you and your learning techniques – it also makes me feel more justified in engaging your services and it’s not just me!”
“Several of the attendees have asked to shadow me (thanks for that!) and have actually said they now understand why I say what I say and want to set up meetings to take forth their learning into the work practices and are now asking to do RA’s etc so for me, its ‘mission accomplished’.”
Rod Gregory: Facilities Manager Coastal Housing