Swansea University MBA - Call of the Wild

Swansea University MBA

Key Data

Focus – Effective leadership behaviours
Objectives – To identify and develop the leadership capability of a cohort of senior managers
Delegate Number – 15-20 per group
Venue – Our Development Centre Brecon Beacons
Date – October 2008 to present


Call of the Wild’s relationship with Swansea University Business School has always been interesting one, so when we were given the task of developing a leadership programme for a group of senior managers which really challenged them to become the best leaders they could be, we set to the task right away.

We realised from an early stage that in order to engage this group we would need to create a solution which utilised our most senior facilitation team. with this in mind we created a programme that drew on the skills of our most experienced business coaches, expertise from the world of professional sport and a leadership master class from an associate who has managed and led a successful Everest expedition.

The Objectives

The primary objective was for each delegate to be able to recognise, and develop appropriate leadership behaviours and transfer these to the workplace. We achieved this by providing each delegate with the opportunity to increase their self awarness by the use of real world leadership challenges and facilitaed action learning sets.

The Programme

The programme was designed to take delegates outside of their normal comfort zones in a challenging, yet safe environment.

Several developmental inputs are utilised.

  • Web-enabled learning
  • Leadership Master Class
  • Action Learning
  • Experiential Learning
  • Project Work
  • Post-programme Follow up

The programme allows delegates to become self-aware of their own leadership skills and provides a platform and support system to enable them to begin applying their learning to the work environment.


“I have worked with several experiential learning organisations and I can honestly say that Call of the Wild are the best.”

Dr.Mark Good