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Talis – People Programme

Key Data

Client – Talis
– Engagement Programme
Objectives – A training and OD programme which was innovative, creative and stimulating. Seeking a more engaged workforce being managed effectively with timely communications, resulting in high achieving teams and productivity.
Delegate Number – 170
Venue – Our training centre and The Vale Resort

Call of the Wild for Talis


After recognising that key areas within the organisation required attention Talis selected Call of the Wild to help design and deliver some of the key components of their people programme


Areas to be looked at were:-

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Fair Deal/Effective Teams
  • Meaningful & Current Vision

The Programme

Following the  mission delivery exercise on values and vision it was decided that in order to realign teams and individuals behind great leaders, a short leadership programme should be undertaken to examine expert practice, delivered by a trusted training partner. A leadership gap analysis against values & behaviours was carried out and a ‘Mission Delivery’ process was covered in the training, aligning individual and team KPIs against the Organisation. Wellbeing opportunities for employees on the living wage were reviewed and initiatives brought in to support them.

All staff needed to be consulted and given feedback on progress. An 18 -month strategy of engagement was needed and training to support this identified and planned into the workforce development plan.

From the 4 objectives set out above here are is the summary of the leadership objectives:-

  • Analyse current styles of leadership
  • Adopt and apply effective leadership behaviours as a high performing senior team
  • Create an openness between senior leaders Measurement:
  • Pulse survey to review progress
  • Aligned KPIs for teams v’s organisation
  • ‘Buddy’ system measured by behaviour matrix


Talis vision and values

The training was innovative, creative and stimulating. The results were an engaged workforce being managed effectively with timely communications, resulting in high achieving teams and productivity. Several delegates have since been promoted within the UK and across the Group in Europe.

Key Outcomes –

  • All (170 FTE) have a ‘voice’
  • All staff have access to flexible working opportunities
  • Developed UK Values and Visions, then rolled out across whole of group (across 28 countries)
  • Absence rates fell from 2.2% to 1.6%
  • Reduced stigma of mental health
  • Best results in the company’s history
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased sales
  • Health & Safety statistics improved by 30% each year
  • Staff turnover –  36% reduction in staff turnover