Company Culture Detox Training

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Culture ‘Detox’

 How often do you ask the question ‘Why’ within your organisation? If it is frequently, then maybe now is the time to have a fresh look at the way things happen and are done (i.e.- the culture) and refocus the priorities for the coming year.

How Will This Programme Help

This programme will help you see what exactly may well be right under your nose and give you an honest cultural diagnosis showing you the emerging cultural themes to be reviewed. This in turn will form the basis of a cultural plan for the year.


How long: 3-day programme (not consecutive days)

Day 1 is the diagnostic with days 2 and 3 being the training, solutions and action planning. Days 2 and 3 can be consecutive but don’t have to be.


Lynda Campbell is a former Director of British Gas.

Overview Programme

Day One:

Lynda will undertake a ‘cultural diagnostic’. This involves talking to a representative from every level and every part of the organisation during the day; running a survey and possibly a focus group too.  In this way she is turning over all the stones at work.

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Day Two:

The findings will be relayed back to the strategic and senior teams so they can see themselves in the mirror she will show them. The emerging themes may be uncomfortable and usually include Leadership at their core. With her knowledge, skills and experience she will then facilitate the feedback session and help begin to formulate a cultural plan.

Day Three:

The Cultural Plan is completed with Lynda advising, consulting and facilitating,  with priorities identified. Actions are identified to take each priority forward in a SMART way.