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Emotional intelligence, often referred to as EI or EQ, is the ability to recognise, understand, manage, and utilise emotions effectively in both oneself and others. Leading with emotional intelligence involves navigating the complexities of interpersonal relationships, fostering a positive and empathetic work environment, and making informed decisions that consider both the emotional and rational aspects of leadership. Investing in Emotional Intelligence is an investment in effective leadership and management. By cultivating EI skills, participants can foster a positive work environment, improve communication, make informed decisions, and ultimately contribute to the overall success of the organisation.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence


The aim of this one-day session is to introduce and reinforce the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) among managers and leaders. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the components of EI and its practical applications in the workplace.

What the programme covers

  • What does Leading with Emotional Intelligence mean
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation
  • Social Awareness and Relationship Management
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Management

This session is designed for managers, leaders, and anyone interested in enhancing their Emotional Intelligence skills. The content is applicable across various industries and roles, as Emotional Intelligence is a universal skill that contributes to personal and professional success.

The day can be tailored to sit within your graduate or talent development programme or for the wider workforce, to promote better communication across the whole organisation.

This investment not only boosts employee morale and satisfaction but also leads to increased productivity, stronger team cohesion, and a resilient workforce capable of navigating the challenges of a rapidly changing business landscape. Ultimately, businesses benefit from improved leadership effectiveness, reduced turnover, and a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s dynamic and people-centric corporate environment.


Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Harvard Business School: Why Emotional Intelligence is Important in Leadership

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