Elevate Management Skills in your Organisation with an ILM Higher Apprenticeship in Management

Our ILM management apprenticeship programme provides an incredible opportunity for growth whilst having a significant impact on your organisations. We currently have spaces available on our Level 4 and Level 5 Higher Apprenticeships in Management and encourage you to consider embarking on the transformative journey of an apprenticeship.

If you’ve already completed the apprenticeship with us, you know first-hand the immense benefits and growth that come with completing an apprenticeship. Through your dedication, hard work, and commitment, you have achieved remarkable milestones, both professionally and personally. Now, we invite you to take a moment to reflect on your journey and consider sharing your experience to empower and encourage those you work with to start their own journey. We encourage you to share this information.

As you know, effective management and leadership skills are crucial for the development, productivity, and performance of organisations across all sectors. By enrolling in this apprenticeship, individuals can develop key competencies such as leadership, negotiation, communication, decision-making, project management, and more. Our comprehensive programme provides the tools to address weaknesses, implement innovative solutions, and drive strategic change within your organisation.

Why Do An Apprenticeship?

Benefits For Individuals

  • Enhance core management capabilities
  • Develop your set of essential leadership skills
  • Develop knowledge in specialist areas, such as finance and marketing
  • Learn how to manage strategic change
  • Develop skills in business processes that could improve your organisation’s effectiveness
  • Prove you can make a measurable impact on your organization through work-place based projects and assessment
  • Benchmark your managerial skills with a nationally recognised qualification

Benefits To The Employer/Business

  • Build sustainable management practice that works for the long term
  • Close skills gap – by using the broad selection of optional units tailored within the qualification to suit your organisation’s learning and development needs
  • Promote a culture of organisational learning and development
  • Motivation, engagement, long-term commitment
  • Work-based learning causes minimal disruption to business demands
  • Fully Funded Learning so the employer pays nothing

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