Graduate Training and Development – Access Up to £8,500 of Grant Funding

GO Wales is a European Social Fund and Welsh Government funded project. GO Wales aims to support the deployment, development and retention of graduates’ high level skills, knowledge and innovative potential in businesses in Wales.

The project offers a variety of services to help businesses recruit and retain graduate staff. Your business could benefit from offering work experience to a student or graduate, take advantage of the cash support for staff training, recruit a student or graduate through a work placement or advertise a vacancy free of charge.

The opportunities are as follows:-

1.Graduate Training and Development

GO Wales Graduate Training and Development Fund offers financial support for training and development of graduate level staff in Welsh SMEs. You may be able to access up to £1,500 per person to up-skill your business.

The benefits of the scheme include:

  • Up to £8,500 per organisation to help eligible staff obtain qualifications
  • An improved skills base in your organisation
  • Positive impact on the retention of highly skilled staff
  • An improved profile for your organisation by having highly qualified, professional staff
  • A more competitive organisation as a result of accessing up to date knowledge, skills and techniques

If you are interested in accessing this funding to develop your graduates by using our bespoke graduate training development programmes then give us a call and use our experience to get the best out of your talent. Whether it be identifying future leaders, our Institute of Leadership and Management courses (ILM),  or developing team working then we can help.

If you are looking to select and recruit  graduates then also take a look at our assessment centre services.

2. Work Placements

GO Wales Work Placements give you the opportunity to attract the best students and graduates to your business. Employ a skilled individual to work on a short term project and receive a subsidy towards the salary costs

GO Wales offers you the opportunity to employ someone with a degree (or studying for a degree) to complete a project while working for your company for around 10 weeks

By taking part in the scheme, you will receive:

•A choice of high quality students and graduates
•People with specific knowledge and skills that can add value to your business
•A 6-10 week project completed
•Funding towards salary costs – up to £950
•A chance to see if the company can benefit permanently from graduate skills

3. Advertise a Job

GO Wales Jobs is the only free website in Wales dedicated to graduate recruitment Businesses and other organisations in Wales can advertise an unlimited number of vacancies via our online vacancy advertising service.

4.Work Tasters

GO Wales Work Tasters are  designed to provide students and new graduates with a ‘taste’ of a particular career or working environment.

The Go Wales project website can be found here.