Grow Your Business At No Extra Cost with New Training Grants for England!

Accelerate Your  Business Growth At No Extra Cost – Double Your Training Budget and Get Dramatic Returns

developing talentThinking of growing your business this year but afraid of the cost of developing your staff? How would you like to accelerate your growth plans at no extra cost? With these new training grants you can claim up to a maximum of £2,000 per employee as match funding so you can effectively double your training budget!


Organisations can access the funding if they are Ltd, PLC, Sole Traders  with less than £40 million turnover and have less than 250 full time equivalent staff – organisations with:-

  • 2 to 5 staff can show contracts that will provide growth over 3 years by 20% year on year
  • 5 to 49 staff and show growth plans over 3 years (20% is ideal – but depending on turnover, this can be more flexible)
  • 50 – 249 staff and due to size, 20% is not as important, as long as there is justification on growth

Magic trick on stage

This is no conjuring trick the money actually exists

The Funding

This new fund is called the Growth Accelerator Programme, which is made up of various elements – two are specific to our clients; these are:-

  • Coaching Service
  • Leadership & Management Service.

To access the Leadership & Management Funding, the organisation must sign up to the Growth Programme.
This is of huge benefit  as it enables the organisation to not only access the leadership and management funding but also have a coach work with them over 3 to 6 months to support the facilitation of the learning that is taking place and therefore ensuring the key changes / development e.g marketing, strategy, vision, processes are developed and implemented to meet the growth aspirations across the organisation.

Delivery can be covered across the following areas:-

  • Effective Leadership & Management [strategy/leadership]
  • Leading and Managing High Performance [people/skills]
  • Planning & Developing an Effective Organisation [finance, operational)
  • Creating an Enterprise Culture [finance/change]
  • Sustaining Growth and Continuous Improvement [operational]
  • Innovation [people, organisation]
  • New Market Entry [sales/marketing]

The Benefits

Firstly we lead you through the whole process so you’re not bogged down with paperwork. The overall programme has little if no financial cost to the organisation, but can provide you with a dramatic return in terms of improved performance at half the normal cost. The significant financial increase  will ensure more diverse development can be established, which can be impactive for all the business and their staff resulting in:-

  • Performance
  • Proficiency
  • Improving effectiveness – quality, costs, delivery
  • Management accountancy
  • Market presence
  • Succession planning (franchisee and franchisor) staff development & promotion
  • Store required training


What Our Recent Clients Have Said About Us

“I thoroughly enjoyed the alternative way the course was run. It was very thought provoking and memorable. The various activities we took part in was a great way to learn. The facilitator met our needs brilliantly, has very good techniques and is a brilliant tutor”

“My initial impressions of the course are beyond expectations. I enjoyed the structure of the course and the fact that it wasn’t a normal classroom layout. I thought the facilitators did a fantastic job of facilitating. I found it very thought provoking and exciting.”

“Really positive, came away from the 2 days feeling inspired about my role as a line manager”

“EXCELLENT! I feel it has really inspired me. It has reconciled all of the skills that I have learnt to date and given me motivation and drive to succeed moving forward.”