Grow Your Business At No Extra Cost – Great Results States Vince Cable

Graduate trainingAre you looking to grow your business in the next 12 months but worried about the cost. Call of the Wild have been working with companies throughout England  to effectively double their trainign and development budgets at no extra cost to you!This has been achieved using  a training and development Government sponsored scheme launched by Business Secretary Vince Cable called GrowthAccelerator.

In the past 12 months GrowthAccelerator has been the catalyst for many ambitious businesses to realise their high growth potential more quickly. A report has just been published reviewing the first year performance of the scheme. Here we share the insights from the service’s first year on what determines high growth potential and how GrowthAccelerator is helping businesses to deliver jobs and real economic value.

What Growth Accelerator Does

GrowthAccelerator works by finding businesses with the highest growth potential, identifying and helping to overcome the barriers they face and providing support under four streams of activity: Access to Finance, Business Development, Growth through Innovation and Leadership and Management.

Growth accelerator3

To be initially eligible for working with GrowthAccelerator, businesses need to have fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than £40million. They are either proactively identified by Growth Managers and Growth Coaches, or assessed for eligibility when they directly contact the service.

Eligible businesses are assessed by a Growth Manager who considers their suitability for the
service, considering:

  • The ambition of the management team to grow
  • The ability and capacity of the management team to deliver
  • The opportunity available for the business to grow.

Comments of the Business Secretary Vince Cable

GrowthAccelerator was launched  in 2012. One year on, results shows how the service is accelerating the achievements of businesses with high growth potential. It is delivering tangible results, by bringing forward business investment and growth that would not have happened as quickly without the service. In its first year, GrowthAccelerator has identified and started working with more than 6,000 businesses. Businesses are already seeing and expecting growth in turnover and employment as a result of GrowthAccelerator. Of those surveyed about their experience of the service more than 85 per cent say they are growing more quickly because of the support. This is an unprecedented service delivering promising results. It is clear that if busy entrepreneurs are making the time to step away from their business and engage with GrowthAccelerator’s expert private sector team, then they feel the service adds value in helping their companies to grow.


GrowthAccelerator exists to help businesses accelerate their high growth potential, and research results show it’s working. Independent survey results suggest that at least 3,400 businesses are increasing their turnover more quickly because of GrowthAccelerator and more than 3,100 are increasing employment at a faster pace because of the service.

This is what GrowthAccelerator provides through its team of private sector experts, helping these inspirational business leaders realise their ambitions. Surveying clients:

  • 97 per cent say they’d recommend the service
  • 92 per cent are satisfied with their Growth Manager’s insight on business
  • 94 per cent of businesses are satisfied with the quality of their coaches
  • 95 per cent are satisfied with their coach’s business experience
  • 96 per cent of respondents are satisfied with their coach’s credibility.