Higher Apprentice in Profile: Natalia Jandrell

As part of our Apprenticeship Week 2024 celebrations and our ‘Big Futures’ work we’re celebrating some of our amazing apprentices and the great work they’re doing on their degree apprenticeship journeys.

Natalia Jandrell – Level 6 Career Development Higher Apprentice

How did you first learn about the apprenticeship opportunity, and what motivated you to pursue it?

I learned about the opportunity through an email from Call of the Wild and as I had been looking to take my Level 6 Careers and Guidance qualification so the school would fully comply with Gatsby Benchmark 8. I suggested it to the school as it seemed a viable and cost efficient way of gaining the qualification. I am a strong advocate for apprenticeships, so it seems appropriate for me to do one myself.

Can you describe the skills or knowledge you hoped to gain through this apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship is giving me a great foundation to approach career meetings more structured and purposeful.

How has the apprenticeship programme aligned with your career goals and aspirations?

I have so far found it to be a challenging and worthwhile experience and I appreciate the fact that the content relates closely to my daily practise and I therefore get the opportunity to immediately put into practise what I have learned.

How have you found working with Call of the Wild?

Learning with Call of the Wild has been a pleasant experience and Anne is very helpful and encouraging. I personally feel I would benefit from a book containing all the course content in addition to the online resources. I have had enquiries about this apprenticeship from my Careers & Enterprise Coordinator at Berkshire Careers Hub as this apprenticeship would be a good option for other Careers Leaders. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty about the recognition of this particular qualification in terms of Gatsby Benchmark. Based on all my enquiries I concluded that it is recognised, however it might be helpful to publicise this more.

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Wendy Maslen – “It’s actually being knowledgeable about the right information for each student and every student needs a different approach.”

Rob Pickup – “It has allowed me to develop skills and knowledge in all things Career Guidance.”

Ebner Heatley – I get to create Apprenticeship opportunities and work with students who are considering Apprenticeships as their next step in their career.”

Natalia Jandrell – “I get the opportunity to immediately put into practice what I have learned.”

Amy Hunt – “I hoped to gain an insight into management theories and practice and to apply these within my role.