How To Lead Remote Teams With Our Remote Working Behavioural Assessments

How to lead remote teamsTools To Help Lead Teams Remotely

How well do think you know your team? With remote working becoming the norm how well informed, from a distance, do you think you now are about their motivation and mental wellbeing? We are now hearing more frequently from clients saying how surprised they are about how staff have resigned, are underperforming or off sick since working from home. Without that day-to-day direct personal interaction it’s easy for leaders and managers to miss those signs, whether verbal or through body language, which indicate a potential problem.

It’s inevitable, with more people having to lead remotely, that leaders and managers will become more task-focused rather than people-focused. But what negative impact can this have on team members? How much did we underestimate those conversations around the coffee machine!

We can help you understand how well your teams are adapting, and establish how effective they are and what they are feeling.

Act now to prevent staff resignations, improve performance and reduce absenteeism!

What Can Our Remote Working Behavioural Assessments Deliver?

Using purpose-designed remote working behavioural assessments we can help develop your teams but more importantly, help you to understand their current levels of motivation, their ability to work remotely now and what possible support they may need such as mental health awareness.

The assessment will deliver the following information for each team member and overall team:-

  • An individual personal style will unveil their core values, abilities, strengths and limitations, future personal development, how they relate to others, and planning for their career.
  • A report on how they develop relationships
  • A report on how they are motivated
  • A report on their ability to work remotely.
  • A team report on how effective the team are working together and how they can develop

“Tutors were excellent. Good mix of objective teaching mixed in with personal experience, and managed to keep things light and fun, while also constantly moving the learning forward.” Delegate, National Retailer, 2020

The remote working report is key to the future of building highly successful teams that are not always located together. This assessment looks at the following areas:

  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Expertise
  • Interaction
  • Organisation
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Time Management

“The trainers, Phil and Lynda, were amazing through out the course. All course content was engaging and well structured.”

Lead Remote Teams Programme Structure Example

Each programme will be designed to meet your specific needs but here is an example of what a typical programme can look like

Module 1

Step 1

A 2-hour session on gaining an understanding of how behavioural assessments can support the leaders and how they can get as much as possible out of the process

Step  2

Individuals take the Behavioural Assessment (online tool) – approx 20 minutes

Step 3

1 day or half-day depending on numbers – Feedback session with the Leader on the output of all the report areas which cover the following:-

  • Remote working applicability
  • Work Style
  • Motivational drivers
  • Building relationships
  • Team performance report
  • Follow-up sessions

Module 2

2 half-day sessions exploring how you can take all this information forward. We explore what they need to change, where are the team’s strengths, development areas as a team, and what strategies you can deploy to support your teams working remotely.

Module 3

Work with teams and individual team members to address identified issues and implement agreed strategies.

Module 4

A one-hour coaching session(s) with leaders/managers to further explore how you can continue to develop your teams for improved remote and team working.


From £1,825 plus VAT depending on the number of individuals

“The whole programme is a amazing experience, you not only learn more about leadership and management but also about yourself as a person.”


A full-day virtual leadership training day

There isn’t a better time to start this process as it appears given home working is here for a long time to come. If you can put strong foundations in place now you can steel a march on your competitors by retaining your valued team members.

What Do I Do Next

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