ILM’s “First Time Manager” Research Project

As you know, ILM is the UK’s leading leadership and management development organisation, working in partnership with employers and training providers to develop leaders and managers at all levels. We have been asked by the ILM and David Pardey, ILM’s Senior Manager, Research & Policy to take part in this exciting research project and we would like to invite you take part.

The project is to follow some newly appointed managers for their first three months in post, to find out what they find straightforward to deal with and what presents challenges or problems for them. This has not been done before and so there is no reliable research to help employers provide appropriate support and guidance for newly appointed first time managers. The challenge for ILM is to identify these new First Time Managers (FTM) as soon as they are appointed so that we can interview them just before they start in their new role and during their first 100 days.

That’s why we are asking you to take part in the project. We need you to be prepared to ask any newly appointed FTM if he or she is willing to be part of the research and to let us know if they agree.

For more information concerning this ILM research project on first time managergive us a call of complete the contact us form..