In The News: March 2023

We’ve pulled together some of the latest leadership and management related news.

This includes some topical subjects which many of you might also be experiencing in your workplace.

Meta lay-offs: Facebook owner to cut 10,000 staff

After a challenging few years Meta (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) are facing a second round of mass redundancies. Owner, Mark Zuckerberg is taking this opportunity to make the company ‘flatter’ and reviewing their hybrid working model to ‘make sure people build the necessary connections to work effectively’. Read the full article.

What have the past three years taught us about hybrid working?

Almost three years have passed since the first “work from home” mandate was introduced – and many people’s working lives have never been the same since. Some employees have never returned to a physical office, while others are adjusting to hybrid working. So what lessons can recent research teach us about how to make flexible arrangements work better? Read the full article.

‘Managers Play A Crucial Role’—Leaders React To Employee Mental Health

Part of an ongoing body of work, Forbes’ data highlights the ‘major effects the managers have on mental health’, this piece discusses what leaders said about mental health and the ability for individuals and organizations to move forward. Read the full article.

‘Slow days happen’ | Why employers shouldn’t be afraid of ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’

Bare Minimum Mondays, coined by TikTok creator Marisa Jo Mayes, reflects a trend whereby workers are choosing to take it easy on the first day of the week, prioritising their smaller, less strenuous tasks in a bid to avoid the ‘Sunday Scaries’. THis article from HR Grapevine discusses changing the narrative around workplace productivity. Read the full article.

Humza Yousaf wins SNP leadership election

Scotland’s health secretary set to become first minister on after securing 52% of vote. Read the full article.

What is Postecoglou’s ‘key ingredient’ for leadership?

Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou believes authenticity is the most important trait in being a successful leader. Postecoglou discusses how his experiences have impacted his view on leadership. Read the full article.