In The News: May 2023

We’ve pulled together some of the latest leadership and management-related news.

This includes some topical subjects which many of you might also be experiencing in your workplace.

Top investment banks battle over hybrid working demands: ‘People are just choosing to resign’

In the face of bring forced to return to the office employees at top Investment banks are clashing with employers and seeking flexibility elsewhere. Read more.

BT to cut up to 55,000 jobs and replace a fifth with AI

BT has announced its intention to use artificial intelligence technology to replace a small percentage of it’s workforce. This move reflects BT’s efforts to streamline operations and increase efficiency, but it also raises concerns about the impact on employees and job security. Read more.

Why employers can’t dismiss appeal of hybrid working

Hybrid working is increasingly attractive to employers, but they must be mindful of legal obligations and individual circumstances to ensure fairness and avoid discrimination concerns. Read more.

Steven Bartlett’s top 5 tips for team building

Entrepreneur Steven Bartlett shares his top five tips for team building, emphasising the importance of fostering trust, embracing diversity, promoting open communication, providing growth opportunities, and leading by example. Read more.

Skills development soars when staff are office based, so should we all return?

The article suggests that skills development and learning opportunities are enhanced when employees work in an office environment, leading to the argument that all employees should return to the office to maximise their professional growth. Read more.

A.I. Poses ‘Risk of Extinction,’ Industry Leaders Warn

A group of prominent scientists and experts have issued a warning about the potential dangers of advanced artificial intelligence, urging policymakers to prioritise the development of safety measures and ethical guidelines to mitigate risks. Read more.