Infection Prevention & Control Webinar Training Course

Online Course – Infection Prevention and Control

infection control

With the current situation caused by COVID-19, infection control and prevention is essential for business where work activities could put employees at risk of passing on or contracting an infection. This includes working in a healthcare environment, in close contact with people or animals, and cleaning human and animal waste. Infections are easily passed on, but equally easy to avoid if everyone on the premises takes proper preventative action.

Course structure

  • Breaking the chain of infection
  • Effective hand washing
  • Using personal protective equipment
  • Reducing the risk of infection
  • Workers and management responsibilities
  • Policies and procedures
  • Precautions
  • Legislation & regulations
  • Risk assessments

Infection Control training

How The Course is Delivered

The course is a 1 hour online interactive webinar with our Health and Safety Expert

Our Credentials

This course is delivered by our ex-army front line medic of 12 years who has extent knowledge and experience in this subject, working in a variety of war and peace environments.


The cost is £50 per person plus VAT & booking fee