Inspiring – A Place and a Space For Learning

Leadership Development

Our goal is to improve the performance of individuals and organisations. Our expertise lies in creating a space and place where individuals can experience deep and lasting learning which is transferable into the workplace. Delivery of training at the work place, although having merits, has disadvantages such as distractions from work, colleagues and access to IT.

Delivery away from the office combined with placing individuals in an inspiring learning environment can ensure learning is accelerated as it is more concentrated, but delegates also retain that learning and transfer it back to the workplace.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create powerful learning and development experiences for our clients which delivers positive behavioural change, for lasting results, within the workplace.

Green Classroom

Green Classroom

Call of the Wild has always believed in the potential of using the inspirational landscape of the UK as a vehicle for the development of leadership and management skills. Over the past 18 years we have evaluated the effect of the use of landscape on the learning outcomes of the clients we work with including Panasonic, Cable and Wireless, John Lewis and many others. The evidence has been that the most beneficial aspect of the experience was the environment. We believe the landscape creates a place and a space for ‘deep reflection’, in creating a powerful and sustainable learning experience.

Inspiring learning

The real point is that the imagery and metaphor resulting from immersion in this inspirational landscape has began to create new ways of thinking and looking at the issues surrounding Leadership. Evaluation has shown that this new leaning is more likely to be taken back into the workplace and applied.