Introduction to Coaching in the Workplace

The Problem – Why is Coaching Important?

Managers today are busier than ever with heavy workloads and pressure brought on by the current economic climate. Also in the current climate you need to get as much effort and application out of your employees as you can to ensure maximum performance. How do you get the best out of your employees to achieve these objectives?

The Solution

So how can you acheive this – through developing your workplace coaching skills on this coaching course? Learn how to unlock a person’s potential to maximise their own performance

This introduction to coaching is every manager or aspiring managers answer to improving their coaching skills. The experience of sitting in with a master ILM practioner, who will deliver the programme, will stimulate your understanding of the coaching process and increase your awareness of its value to a business.

Even with no previous experience you will be equpped with the knowledge to effectively apply a coaching toolkit back in the workplace.  Really make an impact. However you will not become an expert coach overnight but this course will set you on the journey to becoming one and will make you aware of the enormous potential and value coaching can have on your future business success.

Course Content Based on Institute of Leadership and Management Research

Our programmes are based on the Institute of Leadership and Management’s own research. The ILM’s coaching research has investigated the extent to which organisations are embracing the development practice of coaching. The survey of learning and development managers, decision makers at 250 large organisations, revealed a number of important findings.

Broad consensus on the benefits of coaching:  95% of organisations believed coaching as a development tool benefited the organisation, and 96% believed it benefited the individual. A broad range of specific benefits were identified including improvements in communication and inter-personal skills, leadership and management, conflict resolution, personal confidence, attitudes and motivation, management performance as well as preparation for a new role or promotion.

Personal/Organisation benefits

The 1  day programme will give managers/leaders the confidence to use their coaching skills to obtain the following benefits:

  • Motivate others to be become high performing employees
  • Improve performance and productivity through clear goal setting
  • Develop team members in line with individual and company objectives to improve your bottom line
  • More time to be a leader/manager
  • Improved relationships
  • Better use of people skills

Aim of the Coaching Course

  • Consider what coaching is
  • Why coaching can work for you and your organisation
  • Look at a coaching model
  • Practice coaching skills in a safe environment
  • Equip delegates with a coaching toolkit
  • Action Plan – what do I need to do back in the workplace?

A focus on  ROI concentrating on outcomes. No point attending if all you get is a peice of paper and no ability to tranfer and use your knowledge effectively in the workplace.

Who Should Attend

Those who want to make a difference. Managers/Leaders who wish to enhance their skills and develop as workplace coaches to mak a real impact in the workplace

Course Content

  • Different types of coaching
  • When is it  appropriate to use coaching and when other interventions would be more appropriate
  • Examine 1 model of coaching in detail GROW
  • Practising coaching skills
  • Considering opportunities to use coaching back in the workplace
  • Action Planning
  • Effective mechanisms for applying the coaching process in delegates workplace


This course has two delivery elements to it:

* A classroom element, which involves one day in attendance
* Online learning – comprising, notes, slides, activities, links


Arthur Turner

Specialist in Leadership and Management and expertise in coaching and mentoring. Arthur is a Level 7 ILM Coach with a Diploma for Executive Coaches and Leadership Mentors (The Institute of Leadership and Management).

He has extensive experience of working with both the public and private sectors including coach for Public Service Management Wales , co-tutor for Level 7 Diploma in Executive coaching and mentoring in Birmingham, monthly business coaching and individual mentoring programme for a company board and monthly mentoring support of the Chief Executive of MIND, Newport. He is also author of a successful application to run Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) coaching qualifications at Levels 3 and 5

He is a Member of the British Academy of Management and a Fellow of Institute for Leadership and Management (FinstLM)

Pamela Anne Heneberry M.A.Ed.

Pam is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management and experienced coach and mentor working with a range of clients from first line managers to senior managers. Customers include both public and private organisations including:  Welsh Assembly Government, Welsh Rugby Union, Ford Motor Company, B & Q plc, University of Wales, TUC.

Dave Thomas

Dave is a professional management development practitioner and Chartered Institute of Personal Development qualified coach and mentor.  He has worked with a wide range of clients from SME’s to multi-nationals companies including Vodafone, Orange and Panasonic.

Dave has a real world practical knowledge, obtained over many years, of developing people and teams, delivering effective leadership, improving communication and team dynamics. He has a unique ability to get to the core of the issue under consideration and draw out, through astute facilitation, understanding and solutions.

CPD & Accreditation

6.5 Hours CPD

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