Key Health And Safety Statistics For Great Britain 2018/19

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Author: Martin Davies

Health and safety is the number one workplace priority in today’s world. So, what do the latest statistics say and how can we learn from them? Statistics by “Health and Safety Executive”.

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Key figures For Great Britain (2018/19)

What This Means

Health and safety awareness needs to be pushed within the workplace. People in the workplace need to make sure that all staff are accepting or rules and restrictions regarding Heath and Safety as it may not be their own health that they are risking by not following the proper practices.

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How To Prevent Health And Safety Issues

Health and safety training courses increase staff awareness of potential hazards and areas of risk so they can put processes in place to prevent accidents happening. Call Of The Wild offer Health and Safety Training Courses that are carefully designed to deliver positive long lasting health and safety cultural change within the workplace. We have worked with organisations such as “Panasonic”, “Barclays” and “John Lewis” among others

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