Leadership Resolutions And Courses For A Successful 2019

Author: Dave Thomas

An interesting article from the “Centre for Creative Leadership” that sheds light on leadership resolutions in 2019 and the most important leadership courses of 2019.

You can’t predict everything that will happen in 2019, but it’s a safe bet that change and uncertainty will continue to be major themes. It’s also safe to assume that your leadership will be critical for success.

Leading Yourself

Succeed at digital learning. Being a leader doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Leaders must continue to acquire new skills, new areas of knowledge, and new leadership tools.

With limited time and resources, some of that learning will take place via digital learning. So how can you make the most of your time?

First, make sure you commit. Set real deadlines and block out time on your calendar.

Second, just practice the new skill or find a way to apply your new knowledge. Real learning doesn’t happen until you actually use it.

Managing safely

Leading Others

Support your employees in their development efforts. Professional development is important for everyone on your team. Our research has found that the primary predictor of the success of leadership development programs is the degree to which participants’ bosses support them.

  • Know what you want to achieve.
  • Observe the current state of your team or organisation.
  • Accept that this is where things are and that change won’t happen unless you take action.

change management

Leading the Organisation

Help front-line managers master their roles. In most organisations, front-line managers are critical.

The first step in fixing this problem is to understand what skills front-line managers need. There are 6 they should master to be effective:

  • Self-awareness
  • Political savvy
  • Learning agility
  • Influencing outcomes
  • Communication skills
  • Motivating others

Fully Funded Management Training

Most Important Leadership Courses In 2019

The list of most important leadership courses in 2019 from Call Of The Wild are as follows:

  1. Developing Future Leaders
  2. Leadership Essentials
  3. Institute of Leadership and Management Awards
  4. Motivational Leadership
  5. Effective Communication Skills To Motivate Staff

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