2-Day Leadership Development Programme

How many of us and our teams have been promoted into management and leadership positions without any specific leadership training? Going through what our Head of Professional Practice, Dr Barrie Kennard, labels ‘the magic weekend’ – ending a Friday as a highly proficient salesperson (for example) and miraculously turning up to work on Monday as a fully formed manager. We’ve tailored a 2-day leadership development programme to accommodate varying levels of leadership proficiency and experience, to provide your managers with the tools to lead your organisation into the future.

Our comprehensive leadership development programme is two-tiered. The initial emphasis of the programme is on cultivating a pragmatic understanding of the leadership role, encompassing pivotal aspects such as navigating difficult conversations, adeptly managing performance, conducting effective appraisals, setting objectives, and inspiring teams to excel. Primarily, the focus is on the interpersonal dimensions of leadership, delving into self-awareness, understanding and building emotional intelligence, embracing authenticity, fostering resilience, comprehending team dynamics, honing communication proficiency, and enhancing personal effectiveness.

Our experiential learning approach, using our beautiful surroundings in the Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) National Park combined with our transformational experiences to create a lasting impact.

2-Day Leadership Development Programme

2-Day Leadership Development Programme:

Day 1: Building Leadership Foundations

Objective: Raise self-awareness and understanding of current leadership style and practice.

Explore leadership role.
Resilience and personal effectiveness.
Focus on resilience and mental toughness.

Day 2: Implementing Effective Leadership

Objective: Develop and manage high-performing teams.

Understanding high-performing teams.
Effective team management.
Motivation techniques.
Communication skills.
Vision, values, and organisational culture influence.

Structured to cater to both novice and seasoned managers aspiring to enhance their leadership acumen, this two-day programme can be conducted in-person either at our dedicated training facility for the full Call of the Wild experiential development or at the client’s premises.

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