Achieving a One Team Ethos

LANTRA Level 4 Award in Principles of Corporate Governance

Here are some top tips to assist you in achieving a one team ethos in your organisation

1. Organisational Objectives

Make sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. Is everyone aware of the business objectives of the Company, its mission statement and how the individuals contribute towards meeting these objectives.

2. Intranet

Keep everyone in the loop as to what’s happening within the Company.

3. Online Social Networking

One step on from the intranet which can be passive is setting up a Company blog. Employees can then post their own articles, podcasts, video profiles of staff in their office – the options are limitless.

4. Keep Them Involved

All training should be offered across the Company if practical. Vary the venues so employees get familiar with the offices and staff. Invite staff to visit head office and regional offices, hold familiarisation days. Even induction days could be held at different venues and not just at head office or the office they are to work at. This links back to the first point above.

5. Visit

Make regular visits to the other offices

6. Listen to What People are Saying

They are the experts in that part of the country and know their customers.

7. Same Terms and Conditions

If you don’t then it will instil a them and us attitude.

8. Team Development and Social Events

Wherever possible these should not be exclusive to Head Office. Invite everyone as this is a great way for staff to get to know each other.

9. Communication

Keep everyone informed of what’s happening and that means everyone. Not just the chosen few at Head Office.

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