Effective Communication

Bad communication is worse than no communication at all.

Having the confidence and skills to communicate in the workplace is central to everyone’s role. It is probably the most important part of any relationship, and so easy to get wrong.

We have all seen organisations where no-one really knows what is going on, or understands their part in the bigger picture of the business. What is the mission statement? What is the vision and do each individuals role and responsibility fit into this vision? We all know that ambiguity of purpose is not a good position to be in.

The more employees feel and understand that they are a vital part of the business, the more pride they will take in what they do, performance will improve and so will profits.

How do Your Achieve Effective Communication?

So how do you achieve effective communication within the workplace? One avenue to follow is the training of managers and senior personnel in order to heighten their understanding and to stress the importance of effective communication within the workplace. The new and improved communication skills they learn will be passed onto other staff through workplace interaction. It could be that training is required for all staff in a variety of matters, not just relating to their everyday job role but, for example, customer service training for those dealing with your customers or clients day-to-day or for your sales team with a sales training course to improve their performance when trying to close a deal.

Top Tips for Effective Communication

  1. Be clear with your narration’s context and content
  2. Maintain a balanced tone of voice
  3. Use positive body language
  4. Consistent pace of delivery
  5. Confirm understanding

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