Line Manager Frequently Asked Questions

Staff Motivation Training

Dear Line Manager,

I’m sure by now you are aware that one or more of your Partners have successfully enrolled on to either the Managing People and Teams or Pathways to Retail Manager apprenticeship programme.

As part of the programme Partners they will be required to attend a 4 day residential in the Brecon Beacons with ourselves, Call of the Wild. The time and dates of this will be communicated to you separately. If you would like to find out more about this experience including the outcomes and purpose of this residential programme, you can watch the video available below under the  ‘Purpose’ section of the relevant apprenticeship.


The purpose of this experience is to allow the Apprentice, your Partner (s), the time and space to intensely immerse themselves in activities and learning that explores the behaviours expected of them at 3 levels

  • JLP Values & Behaviours
  • Apprenticeship Behaviour Standards.


These also dovetail into the higher level objectives for each programme:

Managing Teams and People

  • Timely effective delegation
  • Empowering and inspiring their Partners
  • Confidence in being yourself – authenticity, strengths
  • Communicating effectively
  • Giving and receiving timely feedback and coaching team members to aspire and be the best
  • Understanding the importance of motivational teamwork and getting the best from individual

Pathways to Retail Manager

  • Understanding the importance of timely effective delegation
  • Leading confidently whilst being themselves – authenticity, strengths
  • Communicating effectively
  • Giving and receiving feedback and understanding the principles of coaching
  • Understanding the importance of teamwork and how to get the best from individuals

What Will Partners Be Doing

The activities they will undertake will challenge them to see how they perform against these behaviours, reflect on this, receive feedback from peers and our trainers and allow them to think about what this means to them back in the workplace. There will be mini-sessions of theory after which we will challenge them to apply their learning and behaviours to a set of activities both indoors and outdoors. It will be intense, challenging and will change everyone in some way. They will return with a new approach, new language, new energy and the need and desire to apply their learning to their roles at JLP.

Leadership Skills Courses

What’s Expected of You

This is where we’d like you to come in. In order to apply the learning and to become a high performing Partner or Line Manager they will need your support to embed these behaviours effectively.
Your patience, coaching and experience together with your timely reflection; review; feedback on how they are using their new behaviours will be paramount. Helping them remove any barriers they encounter to application of behaviours at work is imperative and allowing them to find their own solutions at times, important.

With your ongoing support, understanding and coaching Partners are more likely to use what they’ve learnt and apply it in the workplace. Research by Icek Ajzen (1985- the theory of planned behaviour), suggests that people are much more likely to intend to enact behaviours when they feel supported.

Key To Success

So, you see you are a key part of your Partner’s effective learning. Without your help and support they will not unlock their full potential. You are a key ‘learning partner’ in this journey for them. We will be ‘nudging’ them occasionally post the residential, to continue to reflect on their application of the learned behaviours. This will be done by e-mail to remind Partners of key learning points.

We’d like to nudge you too to help them on their learning journey and if you’d like to receive the same e-mails (3 in total) then please do let us know by e-mailing our programme manager

We’d also like to thank you in advance for all your support; it’s much appreciated by us, but most importantly by Partner(s).