What Should You Look For In A Training Provider

Apprenticeship Katherine Broadhurst, Broomfield AlexanderWe’ve come across a number of surveys recently where research organisations have looked at what problems are most frequently encountered when  sourcing training providers. Common problems relate to understanding the level of experience of the providers, quality and obviously costs. Here are our thoughts on what could influence the decision as to which training provider to appoint. We’ve put this in the form of an infographic.

Important Factors Influencing the Choice of a Training Provider

There are obviously various factors which influence the choice and these will vary depending on the specific needs of the organisation making the choice. In terms of weighting then from the surveys we’ve come across then the most common problems are:-

  1. Quality of the training
  2. Quality of the trainer/team delivering the training
  3. Customer service and professionalism
  4. Post training follow-up
  5. Cost
  6. Location