Managing Work-Related Road Safety Training

Driving awareness training
Did you know that last years reported road accidents in the United Kingdom totalled at 170,975, within those figures there were 1,793 fatalities, 24,831 serious injuries and 144,369 casualties who were slightly injured. The Department of transport has stated that more than a quarter of those statistics were driving at work related.
Effective management of work-related road safety can help reduce the risk no matter what size your organisation, additional benefits include, fewer injuries to drivers, a reduced risk of work related ill health as well as building a positive culture where employees feel valued and confident within their role.
The aim is to ensure that all employee’s whose duties include driving activities have the correct information, instruction and training to help reduce the risk of driving incidents in the workplace.

Course Content

  • Safety Legislation
  • Responsibilities on the road
  • Pre-journey checks
  • Safe driving practice
  • Common risks associated to work related driving
  • Accident reporting
  • Dynamic risk assessment

Layout of Course

This half day course is mainly theory based with some practical elements, it’s an in-house course which will be provided with a COTW Certificate on successful completion of the course. The course is run by our accredited Health and Safety expert trainers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field.


The cost for this half day is £350 + VAT for up to 14 learners. If you require 2 cohorts in 1 day this will be at a discounted price of £650 + VAT for the day.the UK 1 in 4 will experience a Mental Health problem at any one time, therefore it is vital that Employees and Employers can recognise it in their staff, especially those exposed regularly to unpleasant and challenging scenes, such as social workers, front line workers for tenanted properties, carers and so on.