Measuring Training Impact – Great Results

Training ImpactThe transfer of learning must be the highest priority for all those commissioning training within organisations. The amount spent can be significant so a return on that investment in terms of driving impact is essential.

Results matter so measurable outcomes are key.

Measuring Training Impact

Training Impact in the Workplace

This is why we seek to ensure our training programmes are designed to really make a difference and have that desired impact. We try with all our programmes to have a clear link to measurable outcomes. Although sometimes difficult to achieve and quantify it is something we strive for. The difficulty often lies in accurately identifying the needs of the client and those individuals receiving the training.

This is why we are particularly pleased when we get results such as those in the graphic above. To 100% of a cohort use what they have learnt is down to the hard work that goes in to making our programmes work for the client.

Training with a difference

Too often the focus in on the delivery of the training and the transfer of information from the trainer to the delegate and the retention of that information by the delegate. However the key element is how much of that information is then transferred to the workplace and used effectively to make a real impact. This is the difficult bit and often overlooked.