Motivational Leadership

How to Motivate Your Staff Training Course

The Motivational Leadership open course is aimed at new and existing managers together with directors across all business functions. The programme aims to give delegates real skills and techniques that can be used upon their return to work. We believe that strategy and business planning may not motivate individuals and teams. Creating a common vision, developing self-confidence and a sense of enthusiasm is what good leadership is all about.
People Work for Managers  Whilst They Work With Leaders!

During this 2 day course at our training centre delegates will learn:-

  • How to create an inspirational vision that others will help you achieve;
  • How to develop self confidence in your people;
  • The keys to building a high performing team;
  • The power of passion – How to harness and release the power of your staff;
  • Facilitating change;
  • How to ensure results = goals;
  • Unleash the creative power of your teams;
  • Develop effective and open communication;
  • What does an exceptional leader look like.

The Difference Between Average and Fantastic Performance

This comes down to desire – the only reason that people will perform a task is because they want to. This course will highlight how leaders can inspire and motivate their teams to deliver their best performance. How do you get that extra 10% discretionary effort? How do you take a team with you through motivational leadership.

Here’s one of the most inspirational British leaders in history, Sir Winston Churchill, delivering one of his most memorable speeches.


Courses can be arranged to suit you provided we have a minimum number attending the course. Contact us for more details.

The Motivational Leadership Delivery Options

Our training centre is set in the spectacular Brecon Beacons National Park, the closest wilderness National Park to London. This offers an inspirational learning environment. In addition, we offer a flexible service, whereby we can deliver programmes at a venue of your choice so we can come to you.

The course can also be condensed into a one day workshop. Contact us for more details.

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