NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills

Diploma in Counselling

NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills

Have you still to find your first job in supporting others or want to improve your current counselling skills? If the answer is yes, we have the right programme for you, our tailor made NCFE level 3 diploma in counselling skills has been specifically written with you in mind! The course has been designed to give you the knowledge and understanding to successfully undertake some of the key aspects of modern counselling. This course provides an insight into the three main approaches to counselling, as well as an  overview of all that students need to consider and be aware of when using counselling skills in their personal life or at work. You will also learn about the latest developments in counselling and how to apply them to professional and interpersonal interactions. Counselling is defined as:-

A range of talking therapies delivered by trained practitioners who work with people over a short or long term to help them bring about effective change or enhance their wellbeing.

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Who Are Our Counselling Courses For?

Our courses are designed to support all learners whether you are new to this area or a currently practicing. Our experienced staff have over 20 years experience in the sector. This NCFE Diploma covers skills that are transferable across a broad range of sectors such as:

  • Support services
  • Advocacy
  • Housing
  • Mentoring
  • Youth Services
  • Counselling
  • Debt advice
  • Citizens advice
  • Employment advisor
  • Career advisors

Counselling DiplomaThe course is suitable for individuals whose role may involve disseminating information, providing advice and guidance and offering advocacy. In addition you may have managerial or training responsibilities. Your role may involve face-to-face contact with clients and/or contact by phone. This course is an ideal qualification for those seeking to enhance their functional role through the use of counselling skills (eg. Nurses, social workers). It will also be useful to people seeking a career change and wishing to develop as professional counsellors and to anyone offering counselling skills on a one-to-one basis.

On the course you’ll be introduced to:

  • The use of counselling skills in everyday life and work and some of the approaches that underpin the use of these skills.

The NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills aims to enhance a candidate’s counselling skills in order for them to add real value to their functional roles. This course covers 5 mandatory units that focus largely on developing practical counselling techniques, but also to some extent on the theoretical approaches and schools of thought on which they are based. It also addresses ethics and encourages participants to understand the importance of personal development.

The Diploma can count towards certain dimensions of the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework including equality & diversity, personal & people development, communication and interventions & treatments.

Our Unique Approach

diploma in counsellingOur courses utilise an experiential learning methodology. The “involve me and I will understand‘ principle is the one we follow. All our courses are designed to offer hands-on experience by doing and not just listening – less chalk and talk as with more traditional courses. We believe that this action based approach, through experiential learning programmes, is the most productive in terms of retention of learning and the beneficial transfer of that learning to your workplace.

Our courses are designed so as to have relevance to your workplace with  key lessons being drawn out by skilful review, reflection and facilitation. From this review comes participant driven self-learning. The underlying objective is for this learning to be taken back to the workplace for a real return on your investment. We aim to place the learning in the context and day to day reality of each learner’s role. We focus on your individual learning needs which then dictate the direction of each individual programme. Our expertise lies in the design, development and evaluation of Advice and Guidance diplomas.

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Course Delivery Options

We believe that learning should be individual to every person so we can offer a fully bespoke learning programme to suit you. Options can include the group and one to one learning approaches.

Online learning is now also available using MS Teams.

Group Learning

Group learning sessions in a classroom environment tend to be every 3 weeks with half day learning and half day action planning to prepare for assignments and requirements for the Diploma. Group learning through Teams can be weekly, in the evening, day time or weekends for an hour with a monthly assignment set to meet the Diploma requirements.

One to One Learning

Via an E-learning platform and learning using Teams over a time frame and time of day to suit you. Monthly one to one assessments in the workplace for around 2hours. Blended learning which is a mixture of learning through the Platform, Teams and one to one assessments in the workplace. As we provide a one to one service we can get you accredited within 6 months to a year depending on your requirements. We are hugely proud of the service we offer and we are sure we have the right option for you.

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Course Content?

This Level 3 QCF Diploma qualification in Counselling has a credit value of 40. The Level 2 Diploma in Counselling page will show how a learner has to achieve these credits through a list of mandatory credits. Our programme is designed to support your learning style whether you want one to one support, group learning activities or distance learning we can support you. The choice is yours?
The course will develop your understanding of:
•    Counselling skills
•    The different approaches involved in the use of counselling skills
•    The different contexts and situations where counselling skills are used
•    The importance of self-development



How Do You Register

For more information and to register please contact our Business Manager who will help guide you through any questions you have.
Contact: Kathryn
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