New Online Courses & Webinars

online learningWe have a number of courses which can be delivered online using a series of resources such as video conferencing, webinars, videos, podcasts and learners having  access to our online development academy. Here’s a sample of courses which can be delivered  but please do make contact if we can design a specific programme for you.

Health and Safety

Leadership & Management

  • Virtual / remote leadership. This would test even the most experienced leader and this session could deal with how to interface with staff who they think they know well who have almost become a stranger as they deal with their own fears and insecurities. The key is to consider the personal impact of the situation and any direction they may offer to their team;
  • Personal Resiliance.  Without the support of the group within the workplace some people will have no one to reassure/ motivate/ understand situations. There may be pressure to be strong & to just get on with it from well meaning but uninformed social contacts. Also in the close confines of the current situation there may be social difficulties when this closeness is new or never before experienced;
  • Crisis Leadership. An extension of the conflict and stress sessions covered in the training programme. The trick here is to identify if the crisis is social or work based and then to analyse and synthesise the situation with an end product of an action plan;
  • Comms from a distance. The training programme constantly stressed the importance of professional, competent communication. Know your people was the golden thread. Until things return to normal we have a new golden thread….All the rules are out of the window!  Everything they thought they knew about their teams and co workers has to be put aside until it can be verified in the context of today’s world;
  • Time and Space Management. For many people being home and juggling all of the social demands alongside ‘working’ is difficult. It is vital that people understand that their working day is will run alongside and around their life. They should also( if possible) create a working space in which they can complete tasks with a minimum of distractions;
  • Guilt management. People will feel guilty, especially as time goes on, because they are being paid and do not feel they are as productive or busy as they normally are. Managers should point out that they may not be as busy but they are as essential as they always have been;
  • Flexible Working.  The working day no longer has any time constraints. If someone gets up to feed a child at 05.00 and then does an hour or two of work, that is fine. They should be taking regular breaks at irregular hours.


  • One-to-one coaching sessions

Advice and Guidance