Panasonic – Creating Future Leaders

Call of the Wild for Panasonic Future Leaders

Focus – Developing Staff with Potential to become Future Management

Objectives – Place people in a pressured unfamiliar environment whilst learning and applying principles of team dynamics and leadership

Delegate Number – 30

Venue – Call of the Wild Training centre and venues in close proximity


After tendering for the this work against 6 of the top development training companies in the UK Panasonic selected Call of the Wild to help design and deliver some of the key components of their in-house future leader programme opertaed by their assessment centre. This was the inaugral event organised for the future leaders programmes.


Place people in a pressured unfamiliar environment whilst learning and applying principles of team dynamics and leadership. Areas to be developed were:-

  • Leading the business – Direction and innovation
  • Managing buisness relationships – Communication, influence
  • Leading people – team leadership, people performance
  • Managing self – Self motivation

The Programme

The programme required delegates to consider their strengths as individuals and as a team, their ability to plan to achieve a pre-determined goal, assess their performance whilst solving problems requiring creative thinking.

Delegates were given a matrix of information relating to the tasks; time taken to complete the tasks, level of challenge, difficulty, points gained upon successful completion. Information was also be received at separate times as to the nature of each of the tasks and the primary skills involved in completing the tasks.

During the planning phase of this task, the teams needed to consider it’s strengths, direction and performance. At various points during this phase, information relating to the overall challenge changed, enabling participants the opportunity to re-evaluate their position and amend their planning accordingly.

A series of challenges were offered to the teams, varying in difficulty and also in value. Teams were required to collect as many points and as much information as possible for the challenges the following day.

Whilst each phase and challenge was reviewed upon completion, delegates considered the elements of leadership and skills required to build a successful team.

What Did Our Clients Think of the Future leaders Programme?

“On arrival¬† it was straight into the action – an introduction to Call Of The Wild staff was followed by night time orienteering.¬† The whole Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing theory of team building process was fascinating to be involved in and to watch, but perform those teams eventually did!

Each task had been specifically designed to highlight different leadership and team skills, and after each the team’s performance was reviewed and discussed by all, a real experiential learning process. This immediate feedback was an invaluable tool to improve performance as the course progressed.

During the evening de briefing session it was clear that everybody involved in the Future Leaders Programme had learnt a huge amount from two very intensive days, and all had made new contacts across the whole company, many felt they had made new friends. The level of motivation, effort and openness to ideas shown by everybody was fantastic and is indicative of the quality of people throughout PUK.”