Personal Development and Behaviours Component of Apprenticeship Programmes


Here we set out our proven ideas on how the required personal development and  behaviour  component of an apprenticeship programme can be achieved. This is an outline proposal, for indicative purposes, focusing on areas that we have used to great affect with other similar client groups.

There are three main outcomes :-

  • The individual is ready to undertake the apprenticeship programme/ gateway with the right mental attitude so they become a successful learner
  • To develop and provide the competence,  behaviours and evidence required for each learner to complete their end point assessments
  • To develop and provide the knowledge and behaviours required to enable learners to make a valued, sustainable contribution to their workplace satisfying the aspirations of employers

Additional Value

Completing the programme will make an enormous contribution towards achieving an ‘excellent’ grade with Ofsted as the elements of our proposal comply with Ofsted requirements. These are:-

  • Learners develop their personal, social and employability skills required to achieve their core learning aims and appreciate the importance of these skills in the context of their progression, workplace and career aims
  • Highlighting to learners the importance of keeping themselves fit and healthy, both physically and emotionally
  • How well they work together with others in all settings and promote good and productive working relationships with their peers, employees and employers
  • The learning programme includes enrichment activities, allowing learners the opportunity to explore personal, social and ethical issues and take part in life in wider society. These will build self-confidence and increase self-awareness.
  • Stretch and Challenge – Learners will be challenged and put under pressure to see whether they can comply with  guidelines for behaviour and conduct stipulated by providers or employers and manage their own feelings and behaviour at work and during learning sessions
  • Helps to meet your 20% off the job training requirments

Outline Programme

Blended Learning Approach

A residential 5 day programme. The residential programme will be lively, active, engaging, challenging, and allow for active experimentation of skills, knowledge and behaviours at all times. We will give support and challenge, with regular and effective feedback and feed forward to ensure learning is maximised for all and can be transferred back into the programme and work life post the week.  The programme could include one night under canvas and taking part in a leadership and team skills challenge to complete this overnight expedition.

Key Elements

Staff Motivation

Rationale- the skills and behaviours explored, tested and embedded through the week are transferable back to the apprentices’ workplace and learning. In fact they are transferable skills for life. Topics can include the following areas.

Solving Problems and Making Decisions – These ‘problems’ may be of a technical nature but may also be of a people nature.

Understand the Importance of Effective Communication– Clarity, purpose, transmission and interpretation of messages; active listening, all of these will make the apprentice sharper, focused, and save a lot of time and possibly money, in lost ‘sense making’ of communication.

Understanding Leadership – It is important to give them an overview on what mangers and leaders are. The concept of good followership and the need to be good with people is key.

Understanding Conflict Management in the Workplace –In our previous experience with  Apprentices, they have told us that the biggest issue for them is  when they were working with established teams. Where they were not only the newcomer, but often the youngest member and the established workers were sometimes difficult, unaccepting, challenging and argumentative.

Mental Resilience & Handling Pressure – We will measure how well the learners deal with challenges, what their commitment and confidence levels and how in control they feel. This will be done before the programme and be measured again at a later date to assess what they’d learnt and applied.

Developing Yourself as an Effective Team Member – Absolutely critical to ensure understanding of high performing team behaviours. The focus is on topics such as  offering encouragement and support to others, showing respect for others views and opinions, sharing responsibility for the team’s performance and timekeeping.

These topics will also be related back to the employers vision, mission and key behaviours and values.

What Will The Learners Be Doing

Learning by doing

Our programmes are designed to utilise experiential learning as a vehicle for the delivery of the identified objectives. A strong element of personal development is built into our programmes and are  delivered following the ‘plan, do, reflect and review’ cycle.

Reflection from the delegates and the trainer is critical to ensure deep learning, assimilation of purpose and application and so that learning can be transferred to other situations at work or in life when needed. Action + Reflection = Learning (John Dewey)

We carefully choose the appropriate activity to elicit the skills and behaviours we need to focus on, to achieve the learning outcomes and allow the delegate to practice, reflect, challenge and coach each other through the activities.

Evidence and Measurement of Success

Management Training

Learning can begin prior to the residential. We can create online content using our Development Academy. We will aim to get the understanding through our blended approach and then through topical sessions , tutorials and experiential activity in the residential week we will develop and embed knowledge, skills and competencies. In this way we are testing and evidencing competency criteria through activity, feedback, learner reflective logs, learner video logs, observation, reporting and assignment completion. Evidence and measurement can be obtained from the metal resilience behaviour profiling which will be done before the residential and a few weeks after to measure the changes that have taken place. 


Staff Motivation Training

Multi-award winning Call of the Wild was set up in 1998 and is currently the National Team Building Company of the Year. We have a  client base which includes companies such as Orange Mobile Phones, Panasonic, Admiral , BMW and Vodafone. We are an accredited centre with the Institute of Leadership and Management. We deliver full framework leadership and management level 4 and 5 apprenticeships in Wales with over 100 learners currently on programme. We  also deliver leadership masterclasses for Level 5 standards apprenticeships in England.

We have our own 73 acre training and development centre located in the stunning Brecon National Park in Wales where we can offer inspiring experiences for our clients.


These will vary depending on the nature of the content for the programme and cohort numbers.

Guide price £465 plus VAT per person for 5 day residential.