Post Covid – The Role Of A Career Adviser Will Be More Important Than Ever

How to lead remote teamsSince March 2020, we have all been living in unprecedented times. It goes without saying, Coronavirus has changed the plans of many people across the world, particularly those who are studying and businesses who are used to providing a face-to-face service. We have all had to look at different ways of working and communicating.

Those of us who supply Advice and Guidance have been offering remote learning through email, telephone and Zoom. However, when we eventually go back to our normal lives, the role of a career adviser will be more important than ever.

Careers Information Advice and Guidance practitioners will play a vital role in helping individuals piece together their career plans and ideas as well as help them make a positive transition period back into the world of work. Career advisers have the skills to support individuals in taking the next step, whether that be in an educational or work-based setting.

Historically speaking, after a pandemic or recession, there tends to be areas of new economic growth, therefore it is important to encourage those that that we support to remain positive and CIAG practitioners should motivate their clients to stay true to their passions.

It is the role of a career adviser to help people to remain positive and access potential opportunities. Advisers must encourage people to open up and talk about their dreams and goals. Remember – the advice that you give could have a great effect on individuals. It could help define who they are, their purpose and what role they will have in rebuilding and reshaping the economy. Advisers must continue to encourage and energize whilst providing useful guidance to their clients and give them hope.