Profile for Tony O’Sullivan

Tony O’Sullivan joins us after many successful years in sales, business and vocational training. Tony has experience as a trainer in the work place and a teacher of post 16 students . In a business environment he has developed and implemented training plans for major organisations in the UK and has lectured in FE Colleges and Young Offenders Institutions in subjects including basic skills, communication skills and business studies. As well as working in his own business, he has held national account and sales manager positions with multi-national organisations such as Gillette, Grand Met, Scottish Courage and SCA Hygiene.

His experience takes in FMCG and Business to Business – from fast moving consumer products to tailor made specific services. Clients at Head Office level in UK, Ireland and Europe included the likes of Tesco, Coop, Booker Cash&Carry, Makro, Compass, Unipart and the NHS. A major part of his career involved training and development; in 1997 he decided to add an academic qualification to his work place experience in training. He graduated with a BEd Hons (Vocational Training) Degree in 2000. This combined theory and psychology with his experience and knowledge of work place training and learning.

The focus of the degree was using the theory to drive the reality in the work place in areas including: Change Management, Leadership, Team building, Motivation, Coaching, Mentoring and Problem Solving. In 2002 he added a BA (Business Studies) to improve his already wide knowledge and experience in the business world.