QCF LEVEL 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development

Get Qualified as a Career Development Professional

This qualification provides valuable opportunities for individuals to develop their skills and knowledge in the workplace to reach a professional standing within their field. It has been specifically designed for those working in a higher/ management role within career guidance to young people or adults, and who are required to apply career guidance theories and models to support clients in making realistic and informed decisions and plans regarding new learning or training opportunities and career planning.

Remote Online Learning Whilst At Home or Work

You don’t have to visit anywhere or anyone! We can offer remote sessions using video conferences. Don’t think you have to stop learning just because you can’t travel anywhere.

Based in Wales and London we can deliver anywhere in the UK. Clients include Lewisham College, Kent County Council, Southwark Council, Middlesex University, London Met. University, Avon Valley School and the Adult Training Network to name but a few.

Can I Do This Level 6 Without a Level 4 Qualification

If you’re in a level 6 role with its associated responsibilities then yes you can can go straight to the Level 6 qualification. However if you are not in this role or have this level of responsibility then a level 4 would be the best way to start.

Click here for the Level 4

Who Will This Qualification Suit?

Career guidance

Individuals working in:

• The National Careers Service
• External agency and voluntary service signposting roles
• Roles in other organisations that require the provision of career advice and guidance, information, employability support and signposting, as part of a broader role

What Are the Specific Benefits?

• Qualify to apply for membership of the Careers Profession Alliance (CPA)
• Meet the level required for entry to the Professional Register of Guidance Practitioners
• Expand employment opportunities and personal career opportunities
• Shortage of level 6 qualified staff across the UK

For More Information on Stand Alone Management Units click here

How Long Will It Take?

Our service offers flexibility and support to meet your specific circumstances. We can tailor the number of training sessions to meet your level of experience and the time you’re able to dedicate to completing the course. This means you could fast-track your way to completion! If you have less experience and wish to benefit from the maximum amount of support then you can take longer to complete. The average completion time is between 12 and 15 months.


£2,495 per person (excluding enrolment fee)

When you register, you will see that your qualification has a stated end date. You can complete your qualification sooner than the end date if you are able to submit work regularly and at a good pace. If you do not complete your registered qualification by the stated end date you may be able to apply for an extension which will incur additional fees. Funding is available if eligible for this route to obtaining the qualification. Click here for more information

How Do You Register

Contact Professional Qualification Adviser: Kathryn

E-mail: info@callofthewild.co.uk
Tel : 0208 150 9514

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