Programmes For Level 6 Career Guidance Qualifications

Level 6

Advice and Guidance Courses

Karen being presented With Certificate of Achievement

We are pleased to continue to offer a range of accredited courses and flexible delivery options for achieving full or partial unit achievement of the OCR qualifications in Career Guidance.

The full Level 6 Diploma meets a criterion of 60 credits overall. This is achieved through achieving the 7 mandatory units totalling 45 credits and the choice of optional units totalling 15 credits.

If you already hold Career Leadership units, then why not take the seven mandatory units in order to achieve the full diploma.

If you already hold the NVQ 4 in Advice and Guidance or LDSS achieved before 2011 you can complete Units 2, 3 and 6 in order to meet the qualification requirement for the UK Register of Career Development Professionals.

When completing the full qualification optional units can be tailored to meet special organisational requirements allowing us to deliver a bespoke qualification to meet your individual requirements.

We can also offer individual blends of units which would be bespoke to your own organisational requirements. Please contact us to discuss.

Level 6 Unit Bundles

Advice and Guidance qualifications

Kieran receiving his OCR Certificate

  • OCR Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance and Development. Full qualification for those working with SEND clients

Suitable for advisors working in the Careers Profession delivering career advice to SEND clients. Mandatory units 1-7, pre-selected units 9, 10, 11,13 and either units 12 or 16

  • OCR Level 6 Diploma in ‘Careers Guidance and Development’. Certificate in Career Leadership

Suitable for those wanting to specialise in careers leadership or who have achieved the full level 6 and would like to develop further. Units 17, 18 and 19

  • OCR Level 6 Diploma in ‘Careers Guidance and Development’. Certificate for Career Coaches

Suitable for Career coaches, or coaches who are supporting clients in other aspects such as skills or life support. Units 3, 6 and 15

  • OCR Level 6 Diploma in ‘Careers Guidance and Development’. Certificate in Interview Skills

Suitable for those who would like to develop their interview skills to deliver career guidance and understand some of the barriers they may have. Units 4, 5 and 10

  • OCR Level 6 Diploma in ‘Careers Guidance and Development’. Top up (3) units

Suitable for those who have a Level 4 in Advice and Guidance pre 2011 or who want to understand the theory behind Career Guidance. Units 2, 3 and 6

Level 4 Advice and Guidance Courses

Assessment Process

• Tutorials and remote support as required
• Interview observations (minimum of 1)
• Case studies
• Written assignments
• Written and oral questions
• Witness testimonies and statements
• Activities & projects
• Examination of documentary evidence. For example, client action plans, emails, minutes of meetings, service level agreements, case notes etc.
• Professional /Guided discussions


4 months. An average of 1 assignment per week.


From £795 (excluding enrolment)