Remote and Working From Home Health & Safety Webinar Course

Working From HomeOnline Webinar on Working Safely Remotely and At Home

With the current advice from Government, as a result of COVID-19, being to work from home where possible, there is a need to put in place safe working procedures for all those newly created home/remote workers.

When we are in the comfort of our own homes, our health and safety isn’t necessarily on our minds, yet we are still ‘in work’. It is important that even though we are in our own homes that we understand the legal parameters as employees during normal office working hours and how we can care for our own health and safety.

About This Course

This webinar has been designed to help increase personal safety during a working day. It has been particularly designed for people who work alone, away from a fixed workplace and co-workers.

Course structure:-

  • At home DSE
  • Legislation around working from home
  • Top tips for remote/lone working
  • Personal safety
  •  ‘Buddy systems’
  • Personal safety risk assessment

Remote Working

How The Course Is Delivered

The course is a 1 hour online interactive webinar with our Health and Safety Expert.


The cost for this 1 hour webinar is £20 per person plus VAT.

How To Join

Dates will be set and and following payment an electronic link will be sent  to enable you join the session.

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